Spider Bot

The Spider bot you see on the left was CADED and 3D printed by my to demonstrate our abilities as experts on the Mechanical team of Autonomous Robotics and Vehicle Innovations.

• This was showcased to the new members of our team.

• In progress.


A solution to the time-consuming operation of filling blister packs at pharmacies. Drop will effectively fill each blister pack with the required medications as indicated in the prescription.

Details coming soon.


ICC+ was recently pitched at the Innovation Sprint Competition, to improve the current Integrated Comprehensive Care program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. My team and I created an integrated health systems and human resources solution to tackle the problem of caregiver burnouts, with access to information that could improve caregivers health.

Currently designing the ICC+ pilot project with the creation of new roles within the health system and a web-based platform.

• Google Firebase API integrated for user profiles

Push Pull Legs

With around 1000 active users, Push Pull Legs is a product of my personal Android development exploration. It is an application created for fitness enthusiasts to help meet their exercise goals.

• Incorporated with Google Firebase API's, users are greeted with personalized information and are able to track progress

• Designed and built effective and attractive UI to help facilitate ease of use

Arduino Lawn Mower

A solution to the time-consuming operation of mowing lawns, which most families face. The smart Lawn Mower is able mow lawns at set times without any user assistance.

• The current solution is a robotic system that can avoid obstacles and mow the lawn giving homeowners additional time during the weekends

• The use basic peripherals such as motors and buttons keep it very cost effective

Smart Lawn Sprinkler

The main focus of Smart Lawn project was to regulate water consumption and prove adequate irrigation to lawns

Integrated the sprinkler system with microcontroller along with multiple peripheral devices:

• Arduino Uno
• Ethernet shield
• Voltage regulator
• SPDT relay switches
• Solenoid motors
• Moisture Sensor

University Projects


As a team, our goal was to design a functioning pacemaker. The system must be able to monitor and regulate heart rates for patients who suffered a bradycardia condition. By providing a programmable, dual chamber, rate adaptive pacemaker, we were able to develop a pacemaker capable keeping up with the patients daily tasks. Moreover, the doctor was able to print reports based on the device history.

IR Receiver Design

We designed, simulated, implemented and tested the receiving end of a TV remote, using common commercially available circuit elements, along with National Instruments MultiSim and the myDaq data acquisition system. By integrating an optical detector, pulse duration, decoder, shift registers along with a LED display we were able to decode and display an IR signal.

Shopping Application

Working as a team we successfully implemented object oriented concepts using Java, to create a database for a virtual store. By using a clean UI, which was able to read and write information from stored files, create new users, create receipts and an active shopping inventory, our team was able to create an application that would let users shop on our application with convenience.

Dynamic Hoist Design

Our goal was to tailor an existing lifting hoist to the client’s unique needs. We were able to save on costs, by integrating an outsourced AC squirrel cage induction motor with our existing mechanical system. With some engineering calculations and drawings to analyze and adjust hoist mechanism with existing components, we created a cost effective hoist.

CD Design

We analyzed and modified the mechanism used for the read head inside a CD_ROM device. By created engineering drawings and reports, we were able to test and support our design choices. Working closely with experienced individuals we were able to efficiently and cooperatively design multiple prototypes, from which we 3D printed a functioning model to test.